Making a Change Talking Points:

  • Starting a new life by taking baby steps

  • Getting priceless advice from people you don’t know—even celebrities—who are willing to offer you free support

  • Making a list of what you fear and identifying a pattern

  • How to creating affirmations to counteract your fears and using the alarm on your smartphone to alert you three times a day to say your affirmations out loud

  • How to choose Uncertainty over Unhappiness

Franchise Talking Points:

  • The biggest myths about franchises, including that you need to have $1 million to start one

  • Whether now is a good time to start a business and what effect a $15 minimum wage might have on franchisees

  • 11 questions to ask yourself that will help determine if franchising is right for you

  • How to choose the right franchise

  • Pitfalls novice buyers should avoid