The Route Broker

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If you’ve ever wondered about owning a route business, delivering goods to grocery stores, office buildings and homes, this episode is for you. Find out the reality of what it takes, financially and time wise, to be successful with a route.

  • Kenneth Sussman is the founder and president of Route Brokers, Inc.

  • He started Route Brokers, Inc. back in 1985 and so created a niche marketplace, filling an indispensable need, for the sale of Route Distribution Businesses.

  • Over the last 34 years he has been involved in the purchase and sale of THOUSANDS of routes Coast to Coast.

  • He is a well-known industry expert and is often sought out by companies, route owners and potential purchasers for his expertise in the purchase & sale of their businesses.

  • His company has offices in New York & New Jersey and they sell routes NATIONWIDE from Maine to California, with the strongest concentration along the Eastern Seaboard, including Florida.