The Voice of Social Sales - Chelsea Peitz

Want to learn about how to build a brand using a camera? Chelsea a the leading national authority on social media branding. In this episode we talk about the best platform for your message. How SnapChat is changing how we communicate and why Amazon News Briefings is the platform to be thinking about right now.


Chelsea Peitz is the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Title Group. She’s a nationally recognized real estate keynote speaker who teaches camera first branding strategies. Chelsea is also the author of, Talking in Pictures. The only book about how camera first social platforms have changed how we build a personal brand. A frequent podcast and live stream guest, Chelsea shares actionable insights and tactics to help agents develop a powerful personal brand.

She is a national social selling coach for top title insurance sales executives nationwide. As a national speaker, Chelsea shares how camera first platforms like Snapchat and live social video are critical to reaching modern consumers. Learn how to communicate authentically and storytell not story-sell in this episode.