Adam Fridman, CEO ProHabits

Adam Fridman is a seasoned entrepreneur, startup veteran, and founder of the digital branding agency, Mabbly, who believes that brands are a reflection of culture and exceptional cultures happen when people pursue purpose together. As the co-author of Best Selling book, The Science of Story, and creator of ProHabits, a technology to operationalize values, Adam inspires organizations to transform and create more engaged cultures through supporting their people’s personal and professional growth.

Adam’s book, The Science of Story, is based on two ideas: that brands are a reflection of culture, and that culture is the result of purpose that inspires, values that guide and habits that define the organization. In the course of researching the book, Adam interviewed more than 600 leadership experts and executives at America’s top brands to understand how purpose, values, and habits transform organizations at the human level, by developing individual potential.

These interviews inspired ProHabits, a positive psychology-based software that links professional habits to personal and organizational goals. Companies select tracks that support their values, individuals then select a track that delivers daily “micro-habits” that help them develop skills like focus, teamwork, productivity and empowerment. ProHabits aggregates this data to deliver research that helps organizations understand the obstacles preventing engagement.

Adam believes that in a world full of distractions, people seek deeper meaning in their lives and work. A culture centered on purpose is the key to attracting a tribe of customers and employees that are invested and engaged in your organization’s success. Adam has inspired countless organizations and individuals to make the conscious choice to pursue purpose - let him inspire you.

Adam Fridman, ProHabits

Adam Fridman, ProHabits