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Adam Fridman, CEO ProHabits

Adam Fridman is a seasoned entrepreneur, startup veteran, and founder of the digital branding agency, Mabbly, who believes that brands are a reflection of culture and exceptional cultures happen when people pursue purpose together. As the co-author of Best Selling book, The Science of Story, and creator of ProHabits, a technology to operationalize values, Adam inspires organizations to transform and create more engaged cultures through supporting their people’s personal and professional growth.

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Rob Fishman - Author, Speaker, Sales Guru

With all the technological and economic shifts leading to significant change in the world of retailing, it’s important to understand what really works -- as well as what really doesn’t -- in the current retail selling environment. Surviving and thriving in this market means not just meeting, but exceeding, customer expectations. In this book, you learn what makes that possible: a nurturing relationship…combined with a tested, repeatable, zero-pressure sales process.

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How to get free PR with Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison has helped more than 15,000 entrepreneurs, authors and expert get free publicity on radio, TV, print and online. He is the co-founder of the National Publicity Summit where previously unknown entrepreneurs have landed appearances on Fox News, Today Show, Good Morning America, and many other media outlets. His company helped launch such bestselling books as Rich Dad Poor Dad and Chicken Soup for the Soul. For three FREE publicity tools go to

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