Tom is a Certified Franchise Expert. He was the #1 franchisee of the year in one franchise concept and failed in another. The lessons learned from failure is what makes him an expert. Tom is the author of several books including, Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies that Pros Use to Pick Top Performing Franchises. He has helped more than 1500 people figure out if franchising is for them.

Tom’s franchise coaching is 100% free of charge for everyone, all the time.
No obligation, no kidding.

  • Fees are paid by the franchise companies. They respect and value our process and recognized the quality of educated candidates that we bring to them.

  • Whether you take advantage of our expertise or go directly to the franchise company, the fee that you pay is the same. Why not let us do the research for you?

It all starts with you and your goals. We help you to define where you want to go with a business. We build a written model that outlines your needs and desires for a business and it's outcomes. 

Take this advice now:

  • Do not become infatuated with a concept

  • Just because a concept does not exist in your area does not mean it's the right thing for you

  • Getting involved with a business that has to do with your hobby is almost certain failure

  • You will not get a tingling in your spine when you find the right business

Tom has a great way of presenting a franchise opportunity so that you can make connections quickly to your situation.

There are thousands of franchise companies in a wide variety of industries. Sorting through everything can be a daunting task. You could spend months researching only to find out that the company is not franchising in your area or they have legal trouble and wouldn't be a viable option or smart investment.

Benefits of working with a franchise expert:

  • Empathy - Your consult has been in your shoes and left a job to open a franchise

  • Advising - knows the ins and outs of industries and can give solid advice

  • Inspiration - it is a major change to go from employee to employer, we can show you the way

  • NO COST - Our fee is paid by the franchise company. They respect our process and recognize the quality and level of franchise savviness of our candidates. Whether you work with us or go directly to the franchisor, the fees you pay are exactly the same

Our Mission is to help people control their own destiny through franchise ownership.


  • Our service is ALWAYS free of charge

  • You can be talking to "the right" franchise companies a week from today

  • The are no contracts and no obligation to buy a business

  • You may find that franchising is not for you, and thats ok, I may find that franchising is not for you - you must be ok with hearing that

  • We may find you the perfect franchise and you can get to the goals that have been unattainable thus far