Tom has a great way of presenting a franchise opportunity so that you can make connections quickly to your situation.
— M. Miles, Houston, TX

I love the expertise that Tom brings to the table. His interviews are informative and helpful to those of us looking into franchising. I’m listening to the interview with the AdvantaClean CEO as I write this and I love the questions and answers between he and the CEO. I wish I had found this Podcast earlier.
— C. Yielding, Hoover, AL

Hi Tom, you were an awesome guest - thoughtful, humble, and made it clear you were just like everything else. The only thing that separates you from all the others is the fact that you took action on your thought, idea, and/or product. I think you’re great!
— Patrina Reddick, MSW Program Manager

Tom, thanks again for the time and effort you put into our breakout! It was a huge success. Stay in touch!
— Kyle Gjersee| SVP/Chief Operations Officer
Fitness Together Franchise Corp. | Elements Therapeutic Massage, Inc.

Tom – We cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did at the 1st ever Doc Popcorn conference. Your balance between real-life examples and sense of humor to address adversity was a great tool kit for our system…they will now have better luck getting through the facts and to the truth! Tom…and, Fugetaboutit!!!
— Bob Israel, President and Founder, Doc Popcorn Franchising