Storytelling 4 Steps to Telling Your Story Now

Do more business and make more sales by sharing your story instead of features and benefits. Telling your story creates and bond with the customer. If they know where you’re coming from, literally and figurativly, they will trust you.

There are easy steps to building your story the right way. In this episode, Geoffrey Berwind shares the “v” technique which is keep to every great story, book or movie dating back to Socrates and Plato.

The Steps are simple (see my had written diagram that I did while working with Geoffrey on the podcast):

  1. Scene 1: Context and background ending with an incident

  2. Scene 2: The calamity, the disruption the fall

  3. Scene 3: The epiphany, the light bulb moment, the hero’s journey

  4. Scene 4: Your mission now based on your experience

Geoffrey Berwind is one of the foremost experts about how to use the power of story to make you more relatable, influential and take your presentations to the next level. 

He co-created and directed the award-winning Once Upon A Nation storytelling program for Historic Philadelphia, Inc. (over 2 million stories told to date!), and provides consulting, coaching and training services for corporations, non-profits, entrepreneurs and speakers nationwide.  Geoffrey’s many clients have included the National Park Service, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Audubon Society, Vanguard Charitable and especially clients of Bradley Communications. 

In addition to providing workshops and executive coaching for companies and organizations, he has helped thousands of authors, speakers and experts hone their message, get publicity, market their services, do TEDx talks and use the power of real-life stories to sell more product and get standing ovations.  

Geoffrey Berwind

Geoffrey Berwind